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Clearly, there is something very, very wrong going on in there, considering it is a bona fide fortress. At first it seemed that whoever runs the lab, whether it be the CIA or FBI, was attempting to spy on the Russians using Elevens abilities, possibly dealing with international espionage. browse around this web-siteWe do know that the lab was conducting controversial float tank experiments using LSD, which is said to expand the abilities of the mind, but what else is going on inside that well-protected building? One thing is for sure, Dr. Brenner, who is now dead, said he had no idea what the Demogorgon wanted other than food, or what else was in the Upside Down. However, you dont just happen upon a door to another dimension; they had to have an intended purpose for creating a veil that thin allowing the two worlds to connect. Its possible that they were hoping to weaponize the monster, by using Eleven to communicate with it. Most likely many strange things are going on there, and the portal was just the tip of the iceberg of a number of experiments that we have yet to learn about. If Hopper really is working with them as a front, we may find out more in a second season. Note: We saw other float tanks and rooms, meaning there is probably more than one Eleven and many more types of experiments. Considering the numberof unanswered questions, our brains are bursting with possible explanations and conspiracy theories.

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interview questions

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